Advantages of being a NAF member:

1. Sense of proud and identity as being a member of a not-for-profit Nepalese organization.

2. Voting rights on election of NAF.

3. Discount on NAF’s programs.

4. Opportunity to run for the election.

5. Opportunity to serve the association to sustain the community.

6. Enhance leadership career experience.

7. Build up network, solidarity, and harmony among Neplease in Florida.

8. NAF is a charitable organization. Thus, membership fee you paid is deductible as a charitable contribution during the IRS tax filing.

Please be the paid member on your earliest convenience time. Following are the list of membership drive coordinators, thus, I would like to request you all to contact our coordinators at regional level.

West Palm Beach:     
Mr. Ram Saran Thapa
Mr. Kiran Raj Pandey
Dr. Amar Karki

Mr. Sabin Shrestha

Mr. Parnav Chapagain

Mr. Dharma Acharya

Ms. Anila Neupane

Mr. Choodamani Khanal

Fort Myers:           
Dr. Basudev Pudasaini

Mr. Bikash Devkota

Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF), Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization registered in State of Florida. 

FEI/EIN Number: 593152163

State Registration No. N92000000250
FEI/EIN Number.  59-3152163
501(C)3 Organization registered with Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The Membership Categories include following:
Life Membership:  Member for life time. Life membership fee for family: $250

Family Membership:
Spouses and children under the age of 18 years. Only up to two adults (the parents) may vote. Family membership fee: $25

Individual Membership:
A person of the age of 18 years or older, Student or student's spouse of any age with the voting right of one (1). 
​​Individual, student and student's spouse membership fee: $15
You may choose following available options to pay membership fee of NAF.
You can pay online here and email your receipt to atanilaneupane@gmail.com.
You can also send check to Anila Neupane at 385 Maguire Village Apt # 3 Gainesville Florida 32603.
Direct deposit to Checking Account number 1216820061 at PNC bank (NAF)

Please complete the easy online form below.

After completing the forms, please click the "Submit" button. It will take you to the payment page, where you can pay the membership fee.  Please see below for detail information.

Please note the "Submit" button activates only after you fill out all of the (required) * fields.

After you click the "Submit" button you will be directed to the Payment Page. Please make the payment.

Your membership renewal will only be complete after you make the payment.

Nepalese Association of Florida, Inc.

Membership Application Information and Form