Relief Effort from Jacksonville Local Chapter can be found in their website:

Following are the distribution details:

Tampa Nepalese Community

1. SEBS (501c organization) = $3,000.00

2. Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (Nepal) = $1,000.00

3. Society of Urban Poor (SOUP) = $1,000.00

4. PRAN Nepal = $1,000.00

5. Hamro Prabidhi, Ramro Nepal (HPR Nepal) = $1,000.00

TOTAL = $7,000.00

To help the victims of Nepal Earthquake as soon as possible, we have started releasing the funds to recognized non-profit organizations that are involved in Nepal Earthquake relief activities and through our direct relief activities via active members of United FNA-FANS.

Relief fund raised by Tampa Nepalese Community and Jacksonville Local Chapter are released after the Central Committee receives the recommendation from these individual fundraising committee.

Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF), Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization registered in State of Florida. 

FEI/EIN Number: 593152163

Joint Effort - All other Cities

1. American Red Cross - for the Nepal Earthquake victims = $10,000.00

2. Non-Resident Nepali National Coordination Council of USA (501c organization) = $5,000.00

3. United FNA-FANS direct relief to the Earthquake victims in Nepal = $5,000.00

     (through active member Dr. Sharada Bhandary

4. Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund = $5,000.00

     (through Nepal Embassy in Washington D.C.)

 TOTAL                                                 $25,000.00