United FNA-FANS donated to Help Victims of Typhoon HAIYAN

Donation to Flood Victims of Nepal

Membership Renewal

NAF requests all of our members to renew their membership before to be eligible to vote or to become a candidate on upcoming central executive committee election.

It is very easy. Fill out the online form and pay registration fee online. DETAILS CLICK HERE.

Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF), Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization registered in State of Florida. 

FEI/EIN Number: 593152163

United FNA-FANS and our local communities have already started providing the relief support to the earthquake victims in Nepal. We are thankful to all of our donors that have helped us help those in needs in Nepal. 

Please click HERE to learn more about our Earthquake relief activities in Nepal

United FNA – FANS is pleased to announce that we have collected the total amount of $852.00 (US Dollars Eight Hundred and Fifty Two) from three different regions of Florida to exhibit our symbolic help to the victims of The Philippines Typhoon “Haiyan”.


Annual Dashain Program 2016

United FNA-FANS, in association with Tampa Nepaleses, organized Dashain Program 2016 in Tampa, Florida on October 15, 2016 (Saturday). 

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More than 100 Nepalese from different cities of Florida attended the Nepali New Year Picnic 2074 organized by Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF) in association with NCCO in Orlando on 15th of April 2017. The event was held from 12:00PM to 5:00PM in the beautiful Bill Frederick Park. This year we had planned short welcome program, sports and cultural program to showcase local talent. We all believe that the program made a significant contribution in promoting Nepali culture in our community, especially among our kids. We also had other activities including Poetry Reading, Cricket Friendly Match, Ghyampo Fodaai, Singing, Dancing, Ester Egg hunt and Bingo, along with other sports and entertainment events. NAF and NCCO committee welcomed the distinguished guests together with all the gathered members and friends of Nepali community from various region. NAF President Ram Sharan Thapa extended the wishes for prosperity and good health to all the community members on the occasion of Happy Nepali New Year 2074. Social Worker Radha Selvester from Days for Girls International project also attended the event to introduce the program to our community.  $400 donation was collected during the picnic and presented to Radha Selvester. NAF president also hand over the check on behalf of Dr. Basu Pudasaini to her. This project is going to support our girls in Jumla in coordination with Social worker Radha Paudel of Action Works Nepal.
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Nepali New Year Picnic 2074

For detail information about the Silver Jubilee Celebration and Dashain Tihar Cultural Program pleaseclick on here. We will have sports tournament, singing, dancing, kids program, puja Arati and Nepali typical foods. You can also complete the early registration online by visiting the Registration page. Also RSVP our invitation at  https://www.evite.com/event/02D3FF4UM226NA3SWEPHOF6UIXHFOM/rsvp

Nepalese Florida Association (NAF) have already started providing the relief support to the Flood victims in Nepal. 

Please click at "Donate" tab up to donate Flood victims of Nepal


mail check  money order or check to the following address with the attention to 
Treasurer of NAF
Ms. Anila Neupane
385 Maguire Village Apt 3
Gainesville, FL 32603
Mr. Ram Sharan Thapa
1150 Hatteras Circle
Greenacres, FL, 33413


Deposit in bank account created for this fundraising as follows:-
Name of bank is PNC
Need to be addressed to Nepalese Association of Florida
Account Number is 1216373425 / Routing No is 267084199
Advised to write in memo “Nepal Flood Victims Fund"

We are thankful to all of our donors that have helped us help those in needs in Nepal.